Facial Feminization Surgery

How to Prepare for Facial Feminization Surgery

A facial feminization surgery (FFS) helps to change your facial features to make them appear less masculine and more feminine. The procedure involves reshaping the patient’s cartilage, bone, and soft tissue on the face. It could either involve just one surgery or a series of surgeries. Now, you might be wondering how to prepare for a facial feminization surgery or why is it performed.

Facial feminization surgeries are commonly opted for by people looking to transition from a man to a woman, cisgender women who hope for more feminine features, and those diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

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Preparation for a Facial Feminization Surgery

Patients who are 18 or over can opt for facial feminization surgeries. Since this is a complicated procedure, you must consult a reputed facial feminization surgeon in India who has extensive experience and experience. The process begins with an initial consultation where the surgeon will explain the process in detail and elaborate on the side effects, risks, etc.

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Facial structure varies from one individual to another, which is why you will receive questions from the surgeon about the kind of features you have in mind. They will then recommend procedures that best suit your requirements and help feminize your face. They will also give you details about the results you can expect.

You might need a CT scan before the surgery so your doctor has all the necessary anatomical details. An assistant will photograph your face before the surgery and at multiple intervals during the surgery.

The patient will then be given an appointment to discuss the anesthesia situation. You must listen to the instructions carefully to prepare for your procedure, including what to eat and drink, what to quit doing, and how to adjust your present medications. You will also be given instructions about what to do and follow once the procedure is complete.

You must meet specific criteria before being eligible for facial feminization surgery. For starters, your health will be evaluated to determine if you’re fit enough for the procedure or if conditions could affect your treatment.

Since this surgery can lead to irreversible physical changes, you must provide your consent after thoroughly understanding the specifics of risks, cost, benefits, alternatives, legal and social implications, potential complications, and the changes that cannot be undone.


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