Hybrid Dental Implants surgery in Tamil Nadu

Hybrid Dental Implants

Advantages of hybrid dental implants

There has been a great evolution in the process of replacement of missing teeth in tamilnadu dentistry that is hybrid dental implant. From removable dentures to fixed dentures to dental implants it has only been an upward graph. The major advantage of implants over a fixed denture is that it doesn’t require the support of an adjacent tooth. For upper teeth, the implant must not be very close to the maxillary sinus lining, in which case a sinus lift procedure is needed. What happens when the bone isn’t adequate to support the implant and also there is a close approximation to the sinus?Hybrid Dental Implants surgery in IndiaAlso, the placement of a dental implant in the posterior maxillary region is quite a challenge as well. In such cases what can be done to counter these challenges? We here at Richardsons dental and craniofacial Hospital use Hybrid Implants in such cases of a posterior maxillary region.

IMPLANTS in tamilnadu

Hybrid Dental implants in tamilnadu differ from the conventional implants in such a way that they don’t need to be drilled inside the bone i.e. they lie over the bone. The Abutment or the implant screw lies on a thin bendable plate which has two arms that go on either side of the bone i.e. on the buccal and palatal side and is fixed using screws. The size of the abutment can be reduced as desired. The healing of this implant is also faster than the conventional ones and thus reducing the entire rehabilitation procedure time.

One patient by the name of Shanti visited our hospital, with a complaint of missing upper teeth. We examined the patient and ran the pre-surgical battery of tests. CBCT scan was taken and it was established that she was an ideal candidate for Maxillary hybrid implants. She had inadequate bone support in the maxillary posterior region. The pre-surgical tests were clear and the patient was shifted to the OT for the procedure. The procedure is done under local anesthesia and the patient is discharged from our care on the very same day. The procedure took around 45 minutes and the patient was kept under observation for a couple of hours before being discharged.

We believe that the usage of these hybrid implants in the posterior maxillary region will not only reduce the overall procedure and rehabilitation time span but is also more comfortable & less tedious for the patient as well. Hybrid dental implants in tamilnadu are a newer modality in implant dentistry and have given us good results in our practice as well as good patient satisfaction.


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