Oral Hybrid Implant System in India

Hybrid Implant System

The hybrid implant system is a newer, safer and very effective system for the rehabilitation of the edentulous area of the oral cavity. These are a pre-fabricated malleable thin elongated laminar plate having vestibular anchoring part with 3-4 screw holes and a stump called abutment. It is called hybrid because they use screws which are fixed inside the jaw bone and the abutment projecting occlusally. These types of implants are quite recent, they were first used a few years ago i.e., in 2014 Varghese Mani et al introduced hybrid dental implants a novel implant system and it works wonders especially for people who have very little bone. Usually, people with lesser jaw bone have to undergo sinus lift procedures and even then the success rate is very low. But hybrid implants are the best option for these patients. Treatment time and consolidation period are much lesser than the conventional endosseous implant. And patients can get their teeth much earlier.

Hybrid Dental Implants as an Alternative to Conventional Dental Implants, eliminating the need for Associated Ridge Augmentation Procedures. They are a cross between a regular denture and a fixed bridge or a “Hybrid”. When there is a lot of bone loss in your jaws and you would like teeth that don’t have to be taken out a Hybrid Denture is the best solution. A regular porcelain bridge that doesn’t replace any of the gum tissue would give the teeth the appearance of being way too large for your mouth. A hybrid denture solves this problem by replacing the gum tissue with pink acrylic between the teeth to allow the teeth to be of normal size and appearance.

Ridge Augmentation Procedures

hybrid dental implants in india

The procedure goes like incision is placed, the mucoperiosteal flap is elevated. Now the alveolar bone is exposed and the blade of the implant is molded accordingly. It is fixed on to the ridge using titanium screws. Exposing the abutment occlusally the flap is closed using sutures. Subsequent follow up should be done till it heals and then the patient can go for FPD Bridge. So whatever may be the complaint whether it’s a weaker bone or sinus close to arch, we have a safer and cost-efficient technique for your fixed teeth.


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