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Tooth loss is disturbing for most of us, as it impacts both our health and appearance. It occurs because there are numerous contributing elements among the young and aged. It is not a pleasant circumstance to have an unsightly gap between teeth or to be unable to chew your beloved crunchies. Wouldn’t you want to have your lost teeth replaced? An implant overdenture is used to fill up the missing root of a tooth.

Implant based overdenture at Dr Sunil Richardson dental and craniofacial hospital

What is implant overdenture?

A prosthesis that is supported by dental implants is referred to as an implant overdenture. It is utilized in cases where there are no remaining natural teeth in the jaw but sufficient bone to enable the implantation of dental implants. Special attachments are placed on the fitting surface of the denture, which is the surface closest to the gums. These adhere to the dental implants in the jaw via snap-on fasteners. This means that the denture is wholly supported by the implants and not by the gums, as opposed to conventional dentures, which are entirely supported by the gums.

What exactly happens in implant overdenture?

An implant overdenture looks the same as a denture until you flip it over and examine the fitting surface. This will have attachments that clip into a bar attached to the implants, or attachments that fit over a ball-shaped fixture, allowing denture attachments to attach to the implants in the jaw.

Removable dentures don’t have adequate traction on your gums, and they frequently fall off. Eating foods like that is challenging. Getting your false teeth dislodged during a social gathering is pretty embarrassing.

Fixed partial dentures are supported by the surrounding teeth. The surrounding teeth are prepared to receive the bridge. Long-span bridges don’t last, and supporting teeth often wear out.

In contrast, Dental Implants, which are implanted into the jaw bone, offer a long-term option. Either bonded to the implant with a metal abutment or directly screwed onto the implant. Either one or several teeth are missing.

Implant-supported overdentures are usually used to replace lower dentures due to their instability, but it is feasible to use upper dentures with an overdenture. In this scenario, you’ll observe that the hard palate is uncovered as there is no longer a need for retention. There is one additional major advantage of having this style of denture fabrication.

Implants overdenture need to be removed daily for cleaning just as you would normal dentures, but be aware of the actual implant attachments. Many people find it distasteful to leave dentures in overnight.

During the Implant overdenture procedure, you will likely be presented with a temporary denture that is made in a way that will not impose any pressure on the implants while they recover. Once your dental implants have fully connected to your jawbone, our Best Implant Dentist in India will be able to begin the process of creating your new overdenture.

Your overdenture should make eating and speaking easier, but avoid sticky or hard foods as these may harm it. Facesurgeon has the best Implant overdenture treatment in India.


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