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A 60 yr old female patient reported to us with only two lone standing teeth in her upper arch, wanting replacement of the missing teeth. We found that she has multiple carious teeth. Here at Richardsons dental and craniofacial Hospital, we strive for the conservative approach as much as possible hence provided her with options of both full extractions followed by a complete denture or alternatively to retain the healthy teeth present and put few implants so that the denture could be retained with the help of the teeth and implants. Implant-based overdenture being the preferred option in terms of oral health and longevity of the denture the patient opted for this.

Implant based overdenture at Dr Sunil Richardson dental and craniofacial hospital

Her full dental rehabilitation was completed in a few months, with the two healthy teeth being prepared for receiving an overdenture and also 5 implants being placed in the upper arch. The patient is extremely satisfied with her denture and her change of appearance.

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