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Is Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery Another Chance at Happiness?

Having a deformed nose or a cleft lip or asymmetrical facial features can be a reason for low self-confidence to many. Hence getting rhinoplasty surgery to improve facial aesthetics is quite a common process. But bringing the desired results is not every surgeon’s expertise. Even the best surgeons cannot promise desired results for rhinoplasty surgery.

There have been many cases where the rhinoplasty surgery did not bring the expected outcome. This happens mainly because of lack of patience from the patients, not following the post-treatment instructions, not making follow up visits to the hospital, neglecting taking extra care, or lack of precision on the doctor’s part.

Nose Corrective Surgery

It could also be the result of using low-quality implants, or post-surgery complications leading to facial trauma.  One of the crucial factors that makes a rhinoplasty surgery a failure is the inability of the surgeon to work independently. No two surgeons can work well together on a patient’s nose or any other facial region, as you must not only make sure the patient is able to breathe properly and the treatment is not affecting his essential nerves and cartilages, but also work on straightening up the facial features at the same time. The reason could be anything, but it severely impacts the overall life of the patient because he gets financially and emotionally drained.

So, to correct the initial results, or to better augmentise the facial features that would meet up to the patient’s expectations, revision rhinoplasty surgery is carried out. Revision rhinoplasty surgery in India is carried out just like any other rhinoplasty surgery. The procedure for revision surgery is not any different from the previous one, just more detailing is required to bring a change in cartilage tone, tissue, and texture to get better results. Even then, a skilled surgeon needs to carry out this surgery as you would not want the same thing to happen to you again.

Nose Correction Surgery

There are many experienced surgeons in India. One of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in India is Dr. Sunil Richardson of Richardson Dental and Craniofacial Hospital in Tamil Nadu, India. He has many credentials under his belt from different countries all over the world which is what makes him an expert and the best in the field. He has also bagged several awards in the same and is a recognized surgeon in the medical field.

Rhinoplasty revision cost in India can vary from INR 20,000 to INR 3,00,000 and more. There are different forms of revision surgeries, so the cost varies from patient to patient and the treatment planned. Getting a rhinoplasty surgery from someone who charges quite less might seem the most economical option, but it might do you more harm than good. A little more expensive in your initial surgery might prevent you from wasting the same for the revision surgery.

Getting a good surgeon for the rhinoplasty surgery from the beginning is the most viable option, because not only the revision surgery takes up more time, but it is also more expensive and would always remain an adjustment between you and your skin.


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