Jaw Deformity Treatment in India

A Case of Upper and Lower Jaw Deformity

A 20yr old young man had come to Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital finding a solution for his jaw deformities using jaw deformity surgery. Sathya (name changed) had undergone cleft lip and palate surgeries at a very young age, which were corrected. However, the condition and the surgeries left him with an underdeveloped upper jaw. He also had a protruding lower jaw which made them look even worse.

His mid-face looked sunken, lower jaw looked too forwardly placed, there was an open bite between his upper and lower teeth, and he couldn’t speak or chew properly. For a young individual of his age, it was difficult carrying on with the activities of daily life because the surgery affected function and aesthetics

How Did We Perform The jaw deformity surgery?

Dr. Sunil Richardson examined and evaluated facial proportions. A cone-beam computed tomography, CBCT was also studied as to come up with a plan to correct this bi jaw deformity. We had suggested Anterior Maxillary Distraction to treat the upper underdeveloped jaw. This treatment includes forming a  new bone to lengthen the deficient jaw, using an intra-oral screw-type appliance.

We corrected the lower protruded jaw using mandibular setback. This procedure involves positioning the lower jaw backward after calculated the necessary proportions. We performed both surgeries intra-orally, without any surgical cuts on the face, on the same day in 2.5 hours.

The upper jaw was distracted or moved forward gradually until the bite was corrected. The new bone would eventually form. Thus in a period of few days, Sathya had his upper and lower jaw discrepancies corrected surgically.  At the Richardsons Hospital, we offer state of the art care treatment under the care of Dr. Sunil Richardson. The patient’s happiness now knows no bounds as his appearance has changed for the better. He can now eat, speak better than before.

BEST SURGICAL MODALITIES AT THE RICHARDSON’S Even though distraction and orthognathic surgeries are two different procedures, they can be used in combination to provide the best results for the patient. However, it needs to be planned well and executed carefully to achieve the desired proportions. At the Richardson’s hospital, hundreds of distraction and orthognathic surgeries have been done to correct deformities, sometimes even combined in indicated cases. They are scarless permanent solutions to all your jaw deformities.

Upper and Lower Jaw Deformity


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