Jaw Surgery with new bone creation

Jaw Surgery with new bone creation – All you would want to know

Can new bone be created in the facial skeleton without harvesting it from any other place?

Yes of course. The jaw surgery procedure is commonly referred to as distraction osteogenesis and can be done for the jaws… maxilla or the upper jaw and mandible or the lower jaw. In fact, at Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial hospital, more than 500 such complicated procedures have been performed successfully in the last decade by the team headed by Dr. Sunil Richardson.

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Orthognathic-surgery- Before-after image

How is it normally done?

A screw or a distractor is needed to perform this procedure. Also, surgery is required before the screw or the distractor is activated. In the case of Anterior maxillary distraction, the distractor is custom made, that is the impression is made and the screw is placed in position.

How long does it take?

It usually takes a few days… from one week to two weeks. After the surgery, the patient stays over at the hospital while the screw is turned or the distractor activated. The length of the stay depends on the amount of new bone needed for the patient. The distractor also needs to be correctly planned and seated before the surgery in most cases.

what are the advantages of jaw surgery procedure?

1) Results are lifelong and permanent ( with no relapse )

2) Speech improves after this surgery ( while speech worsens in most other types of surgeries )

3) The position of the teeth is improved and so the smile improves

4) It is less expensive than some other alternatives…

5) the position of the nose improves as well.

what are the difficulties with jaw surgery procedure?

Since many different specialists are needed for the best possible results, a craniofacial team is a must.

Also, the surgery is highly technique sensitive which means that there is a steep learning curve.

the patient also needs to stay in the hospital for a longer period, but that well worth it!


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