Face Feminization Surgery Benefit

Everything You Must Know About the Benefits of Face Feminization Surgery

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) can be opted for by transgender women, cisgender women who hope for more feminine features, and those diagnosed with gender dysphoria. It helps change a person’s facial features to appear less masculine and more feminine. It could either involve just one surgery or a series of surgeries, which can aid in reshaping a patient’s cartilage, bone, and the soft tissue on their face. One might wonder what the benefits of face feminization surgery are and what to expect from it.

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Why Get a Facial Feminization Surgery

Not everyone feels comfortable in the gender they have been assigned at birth. With a procedure such as FFS, they can feel more secure in their skin and finally experience some much-needed peace and relief. Through facial feminization surgery, you can get the physical appearance and features you have always wanted.

Face Feminization Surgery Benefits

A trans woman transitioning from a man to a woman will realize how crucial this step is in their journey. It highly boosts your confidence and lets you shine as your true self.

What to Expect After a Facial Feminization Surgery

The recovery period after a facial feminization surgery depends on the procedures a patient has chosen, their health condition, and the self-care they indulge in. Swelling, redness, and pain should be expected post-FFS, with the side effects subsiding in about a week. Doctors recommend that patients not get into strenuous physical activities or rigorous exercise for about four weeks after the surgery.

Based on the chosen procedures, the doctor can place a tube to drain the extra fluid post your FFS. Be ready to have bandages, gauze, or a facial compression garment placed on you. You will be given instructions regarding your drains and incisions and when to change your bandages. Remember that it can take up to a year to experience the full results of a facial feminization surgery.


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