Vascular malformation treatment in Nagercoil

All That You Must Know About Vascular Malformation Treatment in India

A vascular malformation is a rare condition affecting less than one percent of people in the world. In fact, they are probably formed before birth but don’t produce symptoms until stimulated by major surgery, trauma, injury, adolescence, or pregnancy. Thankfully, vascular malformation removal is easy and affordable in Nagercoil. If you or a loved one is worried about a facial deformity, visit us at Richardson’s Dental and Craniofacial Hospital in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu.

Vascular malformations are caused by abnormal growth and expansion of an individual blood vessel or a combination of blood vessels. Over the years, malformations can grow bigger and become problematic depending on the type of vessel. They can be minor and harmless or severe and sometimes even dangerous.

Vascular Malformation Treatment in India

Treatment differs depending on the affected blood vessel type, the type of vascular syndrome or malformation, and the patient’s general health. Doctors aim to minimise symptoms because there is no cure for most vascular malformations. Having information from different specialists helps recognise what’s best for each patient.

Treatment alternatives can vary from addressing minor (cosmetic) problems to administering life-saving care for critical cases. They may involve one or more of the below approaches:

  • Laser therapy
  • Catheter-based procedures such as embolisation, a method to close a problematical blood vessel
  • Sclerotherapy is the injection of a chemical to cause a vessel to close.
  • Surgery may be followed by reconstruction, combined with other treatments. If there are extensive, deep lesions, various treatments are usually necessary.
  • Simple observation with routine follow-up visits.

Vascular Malformation Surgery in India

The different alternatives for vascular malformation treatment in India are embolisation, surgery, and radiosurgery.

  • In embolisation, the physician inserts a thin, bendable tube called a catheter with a substance into a blood vessel to create a clot and permanently block the particular blood vessel.
  • Surgery methods involve the surgeon strapping and eliminating the arteries that give blood to the malformation and then removing the malformation.
  • Radiosurgery involves focusing radiation directly through the affected area and into the deformity to damage the blood vessels that contain the malformation and ultimately cause them to close.


Vascular malformation treatment in India
Vascular malformation of the cheek and lip before and after image

Facial Deformity Surgeon in India

Facial deformities can be devastating, affecting a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem. While the human face is not symmetrical, this is not pronounced. It becomes an issue only when the asymmetry can be detected at first glance. The most complex surgeries require the correction of both hard and soft tissue disfigurement.

Repair of bone deformities can be performed through two approaches, namely, bone grafting and remodelling. This type of reconstructive surgery can be performed only by an experienced facial deformity surgeon in India. Richardson’s Dental and Craniofacial Hospital has the best surgeon and is well known for performing surgeries with excellent patient care.

Vascular Malformation Recovery Time

The recovery time is not long and can be done at home with minimal care and a few regular visits to the hospital for follow-up.

Vascular Malformation Removal

At Richardson’s Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, a well-experienced doctor helps treat vascular malformation. We promise maximum comfort and assure you that you are in capable hands. Right from our arrival at the hospital to your departure. You are in the trusted hands of the doctors, nurses, and other staff who have worked on this type of surgery many times and are pleased to answer any questions you have.



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