gingival growth

Localized Gingival Overgrowth

Gingival overgrowth treatment in India is a common clinical finding, with most cases resulting from plaque-related inflammatory gingival disease. Conservative tissue management and plaque control are usually effective in these cases. However, a small fraction of them is different, and while they likewise represent a reactive tissue response, they arise at the level of the periodontal ligament’s superficial fibers. These epulides form below the free gingival edge rather than because of inflammatory gingival overgrowth. This aetiopathogenesis differentiates this group of lesions in terms of clinical appearance and behaviour, as well as their proclivity for recurrence if not treated properly. To promote dental awareness in India, Richardson Hospital provides the best epulis treatment in India as well as completely affordable dental check-ups.

Gingiva is also known as the gums. Localized Gingival enlargement can cause swelling over the upper and lower arches, or simply in a specific area. Gingivitis is a generalized swelling, whereas an epulis is a swelling that is restricted to a single area.

Epulis Treatment in India

The most common variety of epulis is a pyogenic granuloma, which appears in the front gums and partially obscures the teeth in that region. It might happen because of physical trauma, oral plaque, calculus, or infection. It has a bloody appearance and can bleed when brushed. Except for larger lesions where considerable blood loss is feared, which can be treated by first injecting sclerosing or fibrosing agents and then excising the lesion, the treatment is usually surgical removal in its entirety.

  • Pyogenic granuloma
  • Peripheral giant cell granuloma
  • Gingival abscess
  • Irritation fibroma
  • Pregnancy epulis

A front gingival epulis was suspected to be a Pyogenic Granuloma in this case. A 45-year-old diabetic patient came to Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital with a 6-month-old swelling on her anterior gums that was obscuring her front teeth. A bright red growth measuring about 1*1cm was seen linked to her anterior maxillary gingiva during testing. Her dental hygiene was awful. Dr. Sunil Richardson planned to give her a full oral prophylaxis/scaling before performing an excisional biopsy. To avoid excessive bleeding, the excisional biopsy was performed using electrocautery under local anaesthesia. The results of the biopsy confirmed our preliminary diagnosis of pyogenic granuloma. On subsequent visits, there have been no symptoms of recurrence. The best epulis treatment in India is done by Richardson dental Hospital.

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