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Cleft Rhinoplasty

The Course of True Love Never did Run Smooth -William Shakespeare

We see a lot of cleft rhinoplasty patients coming to our centre to get cosmetic treatment as they are unhappy with their looks. Most of these are young women who have attained a marriageable age and hence come to our centre for esthetic procedures. They are usually accompanied by their parents. This is the norm perhaps of our society, the women must attain a certain level of beauty to whoo the potential groom. This is how it has been happening and this is how it will continue to happen, we all have gotten used to this. So when something different happens, it’s surprising and to an extent amusing as well, isn’t it? Let me tell you the story of Ashwin and his course of true love.

Cleft Rhinoplasty in India
Pre and post pictures of cleft rhinoplasty treatment

Ashwin, a young boy, around 20-21 years of age, walked into our centre a few weeks back. He came from Trivandrum along with his parents. Ashwin wanted to get an aesthetic surgery done for his nose. He met Dr. Sunil Richardson and discussed his problem. He was asked as to why he wants to get a nose job done and what was his motivating factor. After a long pause, he told us that he has been in love with his neighbor girl since time immortal and in order to win her over he wanted to improve his looks.

He said that his ugly nose was holding him back in the race to winning her hand. As amused as we were over this young boy’s reason for surgery, we decided to go ahead.

The pre-surgical tests and investigations were done. Once he was rendered medically fit for the procedure, he was shifted to the operation theatre. The procedure took around 2 hours, after which Ashwin was shifted to the postoperative ward for recovery. He gained full consciousness the next day. He was very anxious to see his new nose, however, everything had to remain suspense for him till the nasal splint wasn’t removed and the postoperative swelling did not reduce completely.

Patients demanding esthetics surgeries come to us with a variety of reasons. Girls getting procedures done prior to their marriage or people with scars wanting scar removal to improve their self-image etc. Ashwin’s case was amusing for us, we were amazed at the amount that boy was motivated to changing his looks in order to pursue that one girl he has set his heart on.

We are yet to find out about the latest development in Ashwin’s love story and promise to share it will our readers as soon as we know.

Love makes the world go round and we could not agree more!


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