Magic of Tooth colored Restorations or Fillings

Magic of Tooth colored Restorations or Fillings

Everyone’s dream is to have perfect, sparkling white teeth as shown in the models of our favorite toothpaste advertisements. Unfortunately, every one of us is not lucky enough to get them by birth or by nature. The Richardsons dental and craniofacial Hospital use advanced technology and equipment to recreate beautiful smiles with the help of tooth-colored restorations or fillings. Tooth color restoration is called composites, a resin-based material that blends with the tooth structure.

diastema closure before after

We use materials imported from the USA. A wide range of shades is available among which the right shade is precisely selected based on the necessity of the patient. Benefits of colored restoration are that they can be done on single visits or within a few minutes. With the developments in restorative material, we are able to provide strength equivalent to that of enamel, the hardest substance in our whole body. The longevity and the strength of this restoration depend on their maintenance by the individuals through regular follow up and proper oral hygiene practices.  Tooth-colored restoration can also be used:

  • for  cavities restoration
  • to restore mild to moderately fractured teeth
  • to replace silver-colored fillings
  • gap closure between teeth
  • to correct mild to moderate discolorations on teeth
  • to protect the roots of teeth when gums recede

A patient aged 47 years reported to us with spacing in her upper and lower jaw. He wanted to have a more pleasing smile and aesthetics.

The doctor selects the correct shade for the restoration with the consent of the patient. We prepare the tooth surface for the procedure. They etch the surface to create crevices for better attachment of the restorative materials to the tooth without damaging any tooth structure. The medical staff conditions the tooth surface.  Both the skilled hands and restorative hands achieve the desired results.

Here goes one another happy patient from Richardsons dental and craniofacial Hospital experiencing the magic of tooth-colored restorations or fillings.


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