Anterior Tooth Fracture Treatment in Tamil Nadu

Management Of Anterior Tooth Fracture

People losing a tooth because of tooth fracture is quite natural. The etiology may be trauma, age, systemic health disorders, periodontal disease(infections affecting gums) and so on. So are the solutions for replacement too. Gone are the days when people used to adjust or survive with those missing teeth. Now we are in a generation where people are much conscious about beauty and health, no matter what.

Anterior Tooth Fracture Treatment in India
1. Patient’s first visit to RDCH | 2. three days after extraction | 3. After placing Removable Partial Denture(RPD)

Here in RDCH, we came across a patient who had tooth fracture in his upper anterior teeth in an accident. As he had to travel out of the station in a week’s time, he needed immediate rehabilitation. We examined his mouth and found that his fractured teeth were mobile. Considering his urgency we planned to go for RPD(removable partial denture).

We first extracted(removed) the affected anterior mobile teeth, advised him for three days antibiotic course and asked him to report after three days. On the third, we found that the extraction site was healed completely, thus recorded the impression of his upper and lower arch, out of which we fabricated an RPD and delivered it on the same evening. The patient was very pleased with his new teeth.


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