Managing Trauma

The case of a trauma patient for you. A patient named Vivek aged 33 walked into RDCH with severely infected and swollen upper lip, pus was oozing from his lip and he was dying out of pain….immediately we took a scan which revealed some foreign particles stuck inside his lip. On taking a detailed history from his bystander she disclosed that he met with a road traffic accident a few days ago and undergone face trauma treatment at Richardsons dental and craniofacial hospital.

maxillofacial trauma before after

He injured his lip and got his two front teeth broken, he was rushed to a nearby hospital and was given emergency treatment there but after two days he experienced severe pain and discharge, hence they approached Richardsons dental and craniofacial Hospital patient was shifted to the operation theatre. Dr. Sunil Richardson did an incision and drainage face trauma treatment and we were shocked to rule out broken tooth fragments from his lips. We removed all the fragments, debrided the region completely and placed sutures. It was indeed negligence happened by the hospital where he took the emergency care.

But he had broken front teeth which were restored using composite resin and as explained above it really resembled his natural teeth.

Another most common and esthetic method of management of anterior teeth i.e, light cure composite resin. it is a synthetic resin material which is used for restorative and adhesive purposes and is polymerized using dental led curing light ( narrow spectrum blue light) composite resin has various shades to simulate your natural tooth color.

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