Modern orthognathic surgery in India

The modern day orthognathic surgery

Facial beauty is all about facial balance and facial dimensions. Today, we can move the jaws in any direction & dimensions we want. Modern-day orthognathic surgery helps the patients achieve the facial profile they have always desired to have.

Modern orthognathic surgeryOne such patient by the name of Ghanshyam, recently came to our hospital. He had a complaint of a long protruding lower jaw , long chin &  he also had difficulty in chewing food properly. He wanted a better facial profile.

The initial pre-surgical tests were done, CBCT scan was taken. The patient had a backward placed upper jaw and a more forwardly placed lower jaw. An orthognathic bijaw surgery was planned for this patient to improve his facial features.

The whole procedure takes around 2 hours after which the hospital stay could be from 4 days to about a week. In about 2 weeks post surgery, the patients return to their normal routine and complete healing takes another couple of weeks.

In our patient, we moved the upper jaw forward by approximately 8mm and the lower jaw was setback by 5 mm. At our center we prefer to do the surgery first followed by Orthodontic treatment, this is beneficial to the patient in two ways firstly, the cost of the whole treatment reduces and secondly the treatment time is shortened.

Orthognathic surgery is a scarless, safe & very predictable form of surgery. It is like a face makeover, which is permanent! These surgeries are frequently done at Richardsons dental and craniofacial hospital with great results. Come here to our hospital and let us create for you a face that could launch a thousand ships!

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