Mouth ulcers treatment in India

How to Get Relief From Mouth Ulcers???

Mouth ulcers are a commonly encountered sores in the mouth that causes pain and discomfort. Ulcers of the systemic origin or a precancerous condition or lesion do not require any medications.

Causes for mouth ulcers:

Mouth ulcers can be a result of a number of underlying conditions like

  • lack of essential vitamins,
  • allergic response to oral bacteria,
  • hormonal changes,
  • bacterial, viral and fungal infections,
  • minor oral injuries from dental prostheses, braces, accidental bite, etc.,
  • sharp tooth,
  • emotional stress, and
  • gastric conditions.

TO DO’S for mouth ulcers:

  • Firstly, diagnose the cause of the oral ulcer by consulting a dental surgeon. This helps you understand and identify the cause properly.
  • Secondly, eat healthy to stay healthy. A balanced diet including fruits rich in vitamin A, E, B12, helps in reducing the homocysteine levels in your body, and hence reduces the risk of mouth ulcers and many other diseases.
  • Another important thing is to quit smoking and chewing tobacco.
  • Lastly, it is also necessary to consult a dentist at fixed intervals to keep a check of any abnormalities.


  • Rinse your mouth with saltwater to ease pain and dry out sores.
  • Use an antacid syrup on the mouth sore.
  • Over the counter Benzocaine (topical anesthetic) can also be helpful in the treatment of oral ulcers.
  • Apply ice on canker sores to soothe pain.
  • Use a mouth rinse prescribed by your dentist that contains steroid to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Intake of nutritional supplements like folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 can help fasten the healing process.

Mouth Ulcers

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