Richardson Dental and Craniofacial Hospital Nagercoil India

My Experience as a Junior Dentist

My Experience as a dentist with no previous exposure to maxillofacial surgeries! By this, I mean I have never been exposed to any major surgeries before. The fear of the OT has always haunted me. Cluelessly assisting a surgery for the first time was like a nightmare!

Professor Dr. Sunil Richardson
Dr. Sunil Richardson

“Where do all these many cleft patients come from ? “was the next question in my mind!

  • Are there these many patients with defects? I wondered !!
  • Only when we get to meet More could we decide! I learned!
  • Never have I seen a dental hospital that works 24/7 before!
  • Having got an experience to work in such a hospital is a blessing!

Being in an environment which teaches us on its own is a rare gem to be found. A dental hospital with multiple maxillofacial surgeries a day is one in a million.

I am thankful that I get to learn and experience in abundance in RICHARDSONS DENTAL & CRANIOFACIAL HOSPITAL. Every day I spend here is a new beginning because every patient’s need varies!! unlike a normal dental procedure that I had done so far!

Learning things beyond which I was taught is an adventure that I am experiencing in this hospital!

It’s a pleasure to get trained under Dr. Sunil Richardson who performs surgeries worldwide. The way he approaches his patients and the comfort patients gets is a must learn.

Hoping to pursue a lot more in the upcoming days from here….!!!


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