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Nose Job: Remo, a 25-year-old young boy was very conscious of the shape of his nose. He found it deviated, broad and bulky on the top. He had to leave for Canada for a work assignment and wanted a fast solution to this problem.

He came to the OPD of Richardsons dental and craniofacial center to meet Dr.Sunil Richardson who has vast clinical experience in nose job(aka Rhinoplasty). A CBCT scan was done to analyze his nasal skeleton and blood work was done.


Nose surgery in Nagercoil
Nose job (Rhinoplasty) before-after image of a patient at Richardsons hospital Nagercoil

He was taken into the OT. The procedure took 90 mins in all and was done under general anesthesia. No external skin incisions were given.All incisions were hidden within the nose. The dorsal hump of the nose was removed and was made more symmetrical. The nasal bridge was narrowed down to give it a slender appearance. Post-operatively his pain control was taken care of and he was very comfortable. There was minimal swelling.He was able to go back home within three days with no discomfort.

We wish him well for his journey ahead and hope that he will leave India feeling more confident and content.


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