craniofacial surgery in Tamil Nadu

Nursing aspect of Craniofacial surgery

The preparation before the OT @ Richardsons Hospital 

  • The patient is kept NPO (No per oral) for six hours
  • Blood investigations are done
  • ECG, Chest Xray done in select patients
  • Skin preparation is done if required. eg. for taking skin graft, rib graft, etc
  • Informed consent was taken for the surgery, for anesthesia, photographs etc.100
  • Psychological support is given to the patient to reduce their fears
  • OT checklists are completed
  • The medications of the patient are modified .eg. if the patient is on anti-platelet drugs like aspirin, it has to be stopped prior to OT.
  • Pre medications like anta-acids, anti-anxiety, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs are given

Care of the patient after the OT

  • Comfortable and head up position of the patient
  • Vitals should be monitored
  • Oxygen is delivered to the patient via a face mask
  • V medications are given to reduce the pain and swelling
  • Ice packs are applied where fear of bleeding and swelling is high
  • The surgical site is observed for any oozing
  • Starvation is maintained for four hours
  • V fluids are given to the patient
  • Oral hygiene Maintenance instructions are given to the patient
  • A sponge bath is provided
  • Diet and input-output chart of the patient is maintained

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