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Otoplasty Surgery in India: Correct the Aesthetic Beauty of Your Ear

What Type of Surgery Is Otoplasty?

Cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Sunil Richardson, the best otoplasty surgeon in India, aims to correct some irregularities of the auricle or improve the general appearance of the ears. Otoplasty is not intended to solve hearing problems but focuses on the outer part of the ears, known as the pinna.

The pinna has not developed correctly in some people, resulting in too small, too large, improperly shaped, or misplaced ears. Although the outer ear has little influence on hearing, it is still an integral part of our physical appearance.

It is, therefore, familiar for some people to feel embarrassed by protruding or aesthetically unpleasant ears. Over time, embarrassment can turn into shame and therefore affect self-esteem, sometimes even destroying it. One of the main reasons for using otoplasty surgery in India is its precise aesthetic nature.

Visit Richardson Hospital for unilateral otoplasty in India. In the cases of unilateral protruding ears, the intervention performed is the same as the bilateral otoplasty in India but concerns only one pavilion. Surgical times are almost halved, and the unilateral otoplasty cost in India becomes 30% less than bilateral otoplasty.


How Difficult Is Otoplasty?

No particular difficulties are involved in performing an otoplasty surgery in India unless there are systemic diseases that cause coagulation problems or the intake of drugs that influence, delaying the coagulation process.

The important thing is to have the proper determination to perform this otoplasty ear surgery in India which determines a change in the shape and position of the auricle, which is generally much appreciated by patients.

Complications are possible and common in all surgeries. However, the eventualities of bruising or cartilage infections are rare, which can be resolved with appropriate treatments at Richardson Hospital. However, the infrequent possibility of hypertrophic tissue forming on the scar is a complication that does not lead to severe aesthetic damage since the incision is made behind the ear, therefore in an invisible area.

What Is the Best Age for Otoplasty Surgery in India?

Since the cartilage of the ears is already almost wholly developed after the age of 4 – 5, it is possible to subject a child to otoplasty surgery in India without incurring particular risks related to the young generation. Otoplasty is typically done to improve the aesthetics of the ears and make the child less exposed to teasing and pranks from peers.

The fully developed cartilage of an adult does not have the same flexibility as the ear cartilages of children. Correcting the protruding ears as a child, therefore, offers two advantages:

  1. The cartilage is very flexible; therefore, it allows a more effective and simple modeling
  2. The child psychologically can have significant benefits after ear correction surgery.

Therefore the best age for performing otoplasty is over the age of 5.

Can Otoplasty Make Ears Smaller?

Yes, otoplasty surgery in India can make ears smaller. Otoplasty is a prevalent type of cosmetic surgery procedure. It can correct the excess cartilage of the auricles and their shape, i.e., the defect commonly known as “protruding ears.” It is also possible to correct other details of the pavilions and lobes and any asymmetries due to congenital disabilities (most cases) and problems acquired following trauma.

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