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Before and After Palatoplasty Correction Surgery

What is palatoplasty procedure?

Palatoplasty procedure is the surgical correction and reconstruction of the defective palate (cleft palate). In India, Palatoplasty procedure is done as early as three months. People born with a cleft palate will have an abnormal opening between  the mouth and the nose which impairs swallowing, speech, and breathing. The ideal age for carrying out a palatoplasty is around 6-12 months of age as it helps in the development of normal speech. Surgeries carried out in children over 3-5 years of age won’t result in proper speech development.

Similarly, cheiloplasty is the construction of the normal anatomy of the lip with a defective lip (cleft lip). Clefts are of two types unilateral (one side) and bilateral (both sides). Maxillofacial surgeons recommend Cheiloplasty at 3-6 months of age for better results and to avoid scars. Cleft lip and palate is a congenital or birth defect affecting  1:800 of the population. Some of the risk factors  contributing to these defects during pregnancy include certain medications, habits like smoking and alcohol consumption or any nutritional deficiencies in the carrying mom.

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