Nose contouring surgery in India

Permanent Nose contouring surgery for the asymmetrical nose

nose correction surgery

The face is the chief seat of beauty and the nose is right in the middle of it all. A face can be divided into three zones – Upper facial third, middle facial third, and the lower facial third. The upper facial third is from the hairline till the root of the nose and the middle third of the face is the nose. The lower jaw would including the upper lips constitute the lower third of the face. At Richardsons Craniofacial Hospital the asymmetric nose correction surgery will be performed.

asymmetric nose correction surgery in India
Asymmetric nose correction surgery before and after surgery

Symmetry is also a key in facial esthetics and when there is a deformed or crooked or bent nose right in the middle of the face, that symmetry is lost.

asymmetric nose correction surgeon in India
Asymmetric nose correction surgery at Richardsons dental and craniofacial Hospital Nagercoil

The good news is that such asymmetric noses can now be easily and permanently fixed at Richardsons Craniofacial Hospital, India. The team here headed by Dr. Sunil Richardson has literally done hundreds and hundreds of such corrective surgeries for over the last decade. The surgery is mainly done through the nostril openings and so the scar is never an issue. Such a defect also causes a great deal of loss of self-esteem for these patients. Even though it would be classified under cosmetic surgery, Dr. Richardson has kept the pricing of these types of rhinoplasty low so that most patients could get the nose that really fits their face and enhances not just the facial beauty but also their self-confidence.


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