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Problem Faced When You Have a Missing Tooth!!

Problems Faced When You Have a Missing Tooth

Having a fall-out tooth could be due to several reasons. Some of these include periodontal disease, decay, trauma, and so forth. A missing tooth could not only cause oral problems, but it can also have a significant impact on your smile. Dental treatment is a best solution for all the mentioned issues.

Today, there are several options to get a tooth replacement if you have a missing tooth. This is because dental treatment has witnessed immense growth recently. Every tooth is significant, and they have crucial roles to play. So, your teeth must remain intact at all times. In this piece, we’ll be revealing a few of the problems you might likely face whenever you have a missing tooth.

Loss of Bones

One of the leading causes of jaw bone loss is the failure to have a missing tooth replacement. Teeth play numerous significant roles in the body. One of these is the ability to support and stimulate the bone of the jaw. This is also similar to the way exercise helps to support and boost the health of the body muscles.

Once you suffer from a missing tooth, it implies that the bone that acts as a support is no longer stimulated. Similar to unused muscles causing atrophy, unused jawbones also leads to bone loss. Once this happens, a dental implant is recommended as it involves screwing a fuse with the bone to provide optimum strength and support.

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Shifting Teeth using dental treatment

Obviously, teeth are usually attached firmly to the jawbones. Nonetheless, they can change from their respective positions and move over time for several reasons. Some of these include tooth decay, gum recession, and so forth.

In fact, the issue of shifting teeth could even become more accelerated if there are cases of one or more missing teeth. The existing gaps create a vast space that could make the adjacent teeth shift away from their positions. This shifting continues to create a more spacious environment for other teeth to shift further, thus impacting the entire bite.

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Bite Irregularities and dental treatment

Missing one or more teeth could result in bite irregularities. This doesn’t only affect the remaining teeth, but it also impacts the health of the gums, neck, head, and jaw muscles. The pattern in which your teeth’s chewing surfaces aligns together plays a significant role in determining your bite. Loss of teeth could also cause shifting of your teeth, which could lead to a drastic impact on how your teeth come together when you bite.

An unhealthy bite, also called malocclusion, could result in a wide range of problems. Some of these include muscle pains, headaches, unnatural teeth wearing, sensitivity, tooth loss, and so forth. Orthodontists could help correct malocclusion, though it could turn out becoming expensive, and it involves a lengthy treatment process.

There you have it! Perhaps a few of the problems faced when you have a missing tooth. Remember, a healthy mouth doesn’t only help prevent oral diseases, but it also helps to boost your general health. If you want to have your mouth checked, get in touch with us today at Richardson Dental and Craniofacial Hospital in India. We offer the best dental care services you can never get anywhere else.


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