Redo Rhinoplasty Treatment in India

Revision or Redo Rhinoplasty by Closed Technique

What was the patient’s complaint?

The patient had an open structure cosmetic Rhinoplasty at Trivandrum a couple of years ago. She was dissatisfied with the results as the projection of the nose was not adequate. Also, she felt that the place where the nose begins, or the radix was not prominent. Thus she approached Richardsons Craniofacial hospital and requested for a revision rhinoplasty appointment with Dr. Sunil Richardson.

What was the modus operandi decided by us?

Since she needed more prominence at both the radix and the dorsum along with a narrowing of the nose, we were in need of extra cartilage or other material. Our assistant surgeon clearly explained all the available options to the patient, like medpor, silicon, cartilage, and bone. After consulting with her parents, she was okay for us to go ahead with rib cartilage graft for the same.

How was the revision rhinoplasty SURGERY done?

Dr. Richardson used a closed approach for this nose job. This is because of her earlier scar in the transcolumellar region. Also, because she didn’t want any further scar on her face.

This surgery including the rib harvest took just an hour. The patient stayed at the hospital for a couple of days. And finally, she left home with great content.


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