Rhinoplasty nose treatment in nagercoil

Rhinoplasty – HOW WE DO IT?

Our Principles:

The nose is in center of the face and is the most prominent part of the face. Being so, the nasal bone is the most commonly fractured bone in the human body and so various small and subtle defects can arise from childhood even without the knowledge. Unless corrected, the nose heals in the crooked position for the rest of the life.

Breathing is an essential factor we consider. Almost every individual suffers from some of the other degrees of DNS that needs correction. DNS abbreviated for deviated nasal septum is a condition in which the central structure of the nose(septum) is deviated to one side making one nasal passage smaller than the other. It may cause nasal blockage etc.


rhinoplasty surgery at Richardson's Dental and craniofacial hospital
Before after image of patient at Richardson dental and craniofacial Hospital Nagercoil Tamilnadu


The face is the chief seat of beauty. Keeping these things in mind, we at Richardson dental and craniofacial Hospital, Nagercoil, Tamilnadu, India, treat the nose as a whole and fix it as per the face of the patient as well.

Different types of rhinoplasties are available like open, closed, conservative, noninvasive etc. These create confusion for the patients to decide.

The rhinoplasty done at our center is permanent, scarless, and is as minimally invasive as possible. Recovery is quick, with most rhinoplasties being daycare. We are very cost effective and affordable…. and we are sure our rates are one the lowest in the world, for our state of the art treatment results.


Rhinoplasty is the surgery of the nose done to improve either the esthetics ( appearance of the nose) or the function of the nose or both.

What is the downtime for RHINOPLASTY?

A day to a few days.

Is the RHINOPLASTY procedure painful?

As we perform a lot of our nose jobs under general anesthesia, pain is not one of the common complaints that our patients have. They could have the stuffy nose and blocked nose a few days after surgery. Some patients do have mild pain if the surgery is carried out in local anesthesia.Milder and small nose corrections are sometimes performed under local anesthesia too.The overall plan for the particular patient is usually decided by, Dr. Sunil Richardson.  after proper examination and investigation.

Here below is a slideshow of one of the many patients from our center one year after rhinoplasty who initially came to us with a complaint of a big dorsal hump of the nose.


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