Rhinoplasty nose job

Nose forms the center of focus in the face.  The nose is the prominent feature next to our eyes. Our confidence is developed from our appearance. Rhinoplasty(nose job) is a corrective surgery on the nose. We have a story of one such patient lost his confidence because of his nose. In the month of September, a 29 years old male individual with his mother from Coimbatore approached Richardsons dental and craniofacial hospital, Nagercoil explicit his worry regarding his crooked nose. He happened to have congenital cleft lip anomaly and undergone its surgical repair in childhood with its revision surgery long back. His crooked nose so-called Cleft Nasal deformity developed as a sequence of his lip deformity though it was corrected. Dr. Sunil Richardson gave them possible hope that crooked nose can be corrected through surgery.  Initial CBCT was taken to estimate the rate of his bone and septal deformity. The individual plan was made by Dr. Sunil Richardson based on the patient’s need and desire. Rhinoplasty(nose job) was scheduled in the dusk of next day. Preparatory Antibiotics were administered. Surgery proceeded well under general anesthesia. The patient was admitted to the Operation theatre for roughly about 3 hours.  He was under regular monitoring and IV medications. His recovery was drastic with 6 days of hospital stay. He was asked to breathe through his nose on the 7th day after Nasal Pack Removal. Nasal splints were removed. He was clearly instructed not to get hit on his nose by any means. He was recalled after 3 days for suture removal. Dr. Sunil Richardson masters suturing to prevent scarring, the major thing which everyone fears about after surgery. Precise suturing skill and fine suture material provide scar less results. On the day of discharge, his mother owes blessings to Dr. Sunil with tearful eyes.

Rhinoplasty(nose job) Surgery in Tamil Nadu

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