Rhinoplasty(nose job) Surgery in Tamil Nadu

Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery

What is Rhinoplasty or nose job?

Rhinoplasty or nose job is a  procedure done to reconstruct or repair the nose in patients who have functional or esthetic deformities.

Corrective Nose Surgery in Nagercoil
Before and After of corrective nose surgery of a patient at Richardsons dental and craniofacial hospital
Cleft Lip Surgery in Nagercoil
Cleft Lip Surgery done for a patient at dental clinic Nagercoil

Who can undergo Rhinoplasty?

Any defect in the shape or size of the nose that may be due to any trauma, congenital or to fulfill aesthetic demands. Rhinoplasty is done in patients suffering from congenital defects such as cleft deformities, patients who have suffered from trauma causing a deformity in the shape of the nose and needing reconstruction of the same. Patients who have breathing defects due to a deviated septum or sinus problems. Patients wanting esthetic correction of the nose for better appearance and look, more aesthetically pleasing nose shape and structure.

What is done in RHINOPLASTY?

This can be performed in two ways. Open rhinoplasty & closed rhinoplasty.

Primary or secondary rhinoplasty can also be done. Secondary rhinoplasty is done to correct a failed nose job procedure. Thus, a second surgery is done either for further correction to improve the features further or as a secondary procedure to change the entire structure again.

Rhinoplasty Surgery in Nagercoil
Before and After Rhinoplasty

How is Rhinoplasty or nose job done?

The procedure is done under General anesthesia after the pre-surgical workup is done including radiographic examination & blood investigations. The hospital stay post-procedure varies from case to case, however, the patient resumes his normal diet and activities from the very next day itself.

Post Nose surgery risks?

Minimal post-surgical risks, the patient is well taken care of in the hospital. After discharge, the patient has to take care to avoid any activities causing damage or trauma to the nose.

What is done here?

Here at Richardson Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, India, we have a team of doctors headed by Dr. Sunil Richardson.  We believe that may it be an aesthetic procedure or a case of congenital or post-traumatic deformity, a skillful & experienced surgeon is required to deliver the best possible results. Here, along with highly qualified surgeons, the patients also have the best inpatient and surgical facilities, rendering the best results.


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