Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

The perfect smile gives the perfect face:

There are a lot of features that determine facial beauty and these vary from person to person. However, certain things remain constant. Having a perfect smile means the same thing to everyone. Glistening white teeth without any crowding, a proper upper to lower jaw relation – all these contributes to a perfect smile.

The importance of having good teeth can only be explained by someone who cannot smile openly due to the poor condition of their teeth. The upper front teeth are the one that is most displayed when we smile. When you have tooth decay especially in the front teeth, you end up displaying ugly grey instead of glistening white smile. Tooth loss or dental injury in the anterior region due to trauma/accident also contribute to poor facial aesthetics.

In this blog, let’s discuss the root canal procedure carried out in Richardson’s hospital by which we fixed a smile.

Root canal treatment procedure:

Root Canal Treatment in India
1. Intraoperative as patient reported to us | 2. During Treatment | 3. after Treatment

Padma, a pretty young woman in her mid-twenties reported to our center a few weeks ago. She had lost her upper front teeth in an accident, a few months back. She wasn’t able to talk or smile properly, and hence requested us for start treatment as soon as possible.

In the past, the patient had undergone dental treatment in a different hospital that caused unaesthetic results. As a result of the treatment, normal activities such as talking, smiling would display her teeth. And she was feeling embarrassment as there were gaps in between the teeth. After an initial assessment, we decided that Padma would need root canal treatment on her upper anterior teeth. We also suggested ceramic crowns and bridges followed by the root canal treatment.

The entire treatment took around 5 days to complete and the results were up to our expectations. The patient was happy with the final result. Such dental rehabilitation procedures are routinely undertaken at our hospital with a team of highly qualified dentists, prosthodontists, and maxillofacial surgeons, who work together to give the patient the smile of their dreams!


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