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What is a Root Canal Treatment Procedure?

A root canal treatment procedure is meant to get rid of the bacteria from the infected root canal, thereby saving the natural tooth and preventing it from getting reinfected. When a root canal is conducted, the infected or inflamed pulp is extracted, with the inside of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, filled, and sealed.

In order to treat the infection in the root canal, it’s essential to remove the bacteria, which can be done in two ways, namely either by root canal treatment or tooth extraction. The latter, however, is not usually recommended so that you can keep your natural tooth intact. Once the bacteria are eliminated, the root canal is filled and the tooth is sealed with a crown or filling. The inflamed tissue located near the tooth heals naturally. Root canal treatment pain is taken care of by the local anesthesia given to you before the procedure, thereby making it relatively painless.

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Benefits of a Root Canal Treatment

Here are the following reasons why getting a root canal treatment is beneficial for you:

Cost-Efficient and Effective

In comparison to tooth extractions, root canal treatments don’t require follow-up appointments required for dentures and implants, thereby making a root canal procedure more efficient. They are also cost-effective and are usually covered by your insurance. In addition to being efficient and cost-effective, it is a pain-free procedure as well.

Improves Oral and Overall Health

Tooth decay majorly affects your oral health. Poor oral health in turn leads to other physical issues such as diabetes, heart problems, respiratory infections, dementia, and so on. It can damage your well-being in a serious manner. Therefore, after getting a root canal treatment procedure done, you will notice your oral health improving, leading to the betterment of your overall health too.

Boosts Appearance

Once the treated tooth is worked on, it is then sealed with a tooth-colored crown or filling that gives you a beautiful visual appeal. Crowns not only function like natural teeth, but they also look fabulous, boosting your appearance and increasing your self-confidence.

Prevents Infection

An infection in the tooth cavity is what leads to tooth decay. Going for a root canal treatment entails removing the bacteria that causes the infection. After the bacteria is removed, the tooth is cleaned and disinfected, it stops the cause of tooth decay or toothache. Treating the infected tooth ensures that there is no room for the bacteria to spread.

Root Canal Treatment in India
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If you’re afraid of getting a root canal treatment procedure done, we can ensure you that you do not have to deal with any of the root canal treatment pain or root canal treatment side effects when you get your procedure done from us. Our root canal treatment price is affordable enough for all our patients and we offer the best root canal treatment in India that ensures your infected tooth is healed and you can go through it in a painless manner.



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