Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment – A Stitch in time saves nine!

Root canal treatment saves the teeth from extraction. At any age, it is terrible to hear When Dentist informs that our teeth need extraction. It’s a happy thing we have root canal treatment as an option to avoid extraction. Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital provide quality treatment by qualified professionals.

Root canal treatment is getting access to the roots of an infected tooth, clearing off the infection and restoring the teeth permanently.

Tooth Bugs Voyage:

Bacteria in the saliva act upon the sugars or foods sticking on the tooth surface. Thereby decay or tooth bug develops on the tooth surface. At initial stages, decay is present only on the enamel layer of the tooth. Later on, it further progresses to the dentin layer of a tooth. Normal filling or restoration are done until the decay is present in enamel or dentin. Once the decay reaches the pulp tissue, pain is felt as pulp tissue contains nerves and blood vessels of the teeth. The pressure developed within the pulp space by the bacteria excruciates the pain. Pain is the factor drives us to visit a dentist.


  • Decay involving the pulp.
  • Persistent pain in the tooth.
  • Swelling and pus discharge due to dental cause.
  • Trauma or a fractured tooth with pulpal involvement.
  • Discolored nonvital teeth because of long-standing trauma.
  • Intentional, when dental bridges are advised.

The journey of the tooth through Root canal treatment:

The dentist may recommend us to take up radiographic examination, for a better view of the teeth.

The dentist would give a numbing (local anesthesia) injection, to relieve both pain and anxiety. The pulp chamber is accessed through a temporary opening created on the tooth. Special instruments called files and reamers are used to clean the accessed canals of the tooth. With the help of irritants, canals are flushed out and made free of all infections and irritants. Canals are then dried to proceed with the filling process. Roots or canals of the tooth are filled with Gutta-percha and intracanal medicaments. Then the opening created on the tooth are sealed permanently.

Root Canal Treatment at Richardsons Dental And Craniofacial in India

After root canal treatment, it is advised to fix a crown or cap on the treated tooth because the tooth becomes quite brittle after root canal treatment. At times,  when the tooth structure is badly damaged because of decay, a post is recommended for additional strength of permanent filling.

Root canal treatment is done in a single visit or multiple visits depending on the intensity of infection. The dentist may advise antibiotic regimen if needed.

At Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital your teeth are under safer hands.  Your satisfaction is our Success…

Benefits of Root canal treatment:

  • No need for extraction.
  • The tooth is saved therefore bone loss after extraction is prevented.
  • The masticatory function of the teeth is renewed.
  • Expense on replacement of teeth after extraction is avoided.

Tooth undergone this treatment with a final crown placed, lasts life long.


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