Removable Partial Denture Treatment

I’m Missing A Tooth !!!

What Is removable partial denture….???

Missing teeth Treatment in India
Missing teeth

“A tooth in a human head is more valuable than a diamond”, but what if you lose one….???  Well, there are various ways to replace the teeth functionally and aesthetically as well. One among them is Removable Partial Denture (RPD).

RPD is a replacement for partially missing dentition, which can be easily inserted and removed by the patient itself. RPD is recommended when your oral conditions are not favorable to go for a bridge, implant..or when you need some time prior to the permanent rehab..or financial limitations of course.

What Is Rpd Made Of…???

removable partial denture

RPD is prepared using a material known as acrylic resin onto which artificial teeth are fixed. there are the various variety of resin materials available but the one which is used to prepare dentures are safer to our sensitive oral soft tissues. And the newly used resin materials are lighter and aesthetic.

Your dentist will examine inside your mouth and the missing tooth/teeth. he will make a replica of your dentition by taking an impression and shade is selected of the adjacent tooth to match your tooth color.  with the help of these, a denture is fabricated. he will gently place it in your mouth and give you instruction on placing, removing and cleaning.

Pros And Cons Of removable partial denture


Denture made up of acrylic
Denture made up of Acrylic
  • Affordable.
  • Can make on the same day.
  • Ease of handling for patient.
  • Doesn’t need any surgical procedure or alteration of tooth structure.


  • It is not fixed like bridges and implants.
  • It needs to change every now and then, as it wears off with time.
  • Discoloration with time.

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