Scarless Jaw Surgery in India

Scarless, Safe, Permanent Facial Makeover : Orthognathic Surgery

What is orthognathic surgery procedure?

 Orthognathic Surgery procedure is basically the Moving of the jaw bones in different positions. In today’s developed world of medicine, either the upper jaw or the lower jaw or both the jaws can be moved in either the forward, backward, downward or upward directions based on the need and the desire of the patient, all without a scar!!

What is the golden ratio?

The golden ratio is roughly the ratio between the various parts of the face. A correct ratio gives a more pleasing and balanced face enhancing the ‘beauty’ At the same time, it also significantly improves the function of the patient. Both in terms of chewing efficacy and also in terms of speaking.

before after orthognathic surgery

What was done for this patient at Richardsons?

The team headed by Dr. Sunil Richardson diagnosed this patient to have an underbite. The reason was less growth in the upper jaw and excess growth in the lower jaw. This was found out by Cone Beam ct scan, lateral cephalogram, and orthopantomogram.

Hence, a bimaxillary surgery planned out for the patient. Before actually doing it on the patient, a mock surgery was however done with the impressions taken of the patient. This also facilitated the construction of the splints, that enable precise and perfect results surgically. A lot of these patients also would need to undergo orthodontics for a few months to get the teeth in correct alignment.

The video link shows the pre-op and Intraoperative views. Viewer discretion is advised.

How long do these patients typically stay at the hospital after orthognathic surgery procedure?

Anywhere between a day to 3 days based on the surgeries planned and the movements achieved. They would further need a week rest after the surgery as well.


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