Septal cartilage harvest for Rhinoplasty in India

Septal cartilage harvest for Rhinoplasty

Shape and symmetry of nose is a spot of bother in the face for most of the individuals. Perfect nose helps create a beautiful symmetry to the face. Septal cartilage bone harvest rhinoplasty is a boon for the patients aspiring for a perfect nose. The various corrections that can be done through a rhinoplasty are altering or reshaping the nasal bridge (removing the bump), Reducing the overall width of the nose, enlarging or reducing overall shape of the nose, nasal tip reshaping, Reduction of the nostril size, Correcting the angle between the nose and the lip. Perfect nose is obtained by appropriate corrections or repositioning of structures accurately. The nasal septum provides support for the cartilaginous portion of the nasal dorsum and helps in giving projection to the tip of the nose in modern surgical

Septal cartilage bone harvest rhinoplasty in India
Before and after of Septal cartilage bone harvest rhinoplasty at Rhichardsons dental and craniofacial hospital Nagercoil Tamilnadu India

Rhinoplasty techniques for cosmetic correction of nasal deformities and nasal reconstruction, septal cartilage plays an important role as a donor graft material. The advantages of septal cartilage as a graft material include the availability of the graft material that can be harvested from the same operative site, a low rate of infection, and a ready supply of straight, strong cartilage in moderate amounts. The added advantage is the lack of another donor site for grafting which takes time to heal apart from the operative site. The septal cartilage is harvested by septoplasty techniques and care is taken so that there is no loss of dorsal or columellar support after harvesting. Septal cartilages are being used alone or in combination with alloplastic materials like Medpore for nasal dorsal augmentation. Patients should keep in mind that even small corrections done to their nose can have tremendous changes in the outcome and revision surgeries are also common for rhinoplasty procedures. Consultation with an expert surgeon can clear all the myths of patients. All types of surgeries for correction of nasal deformities are being done at Richardson’s dental & craniofacial hospital by Dr. Sunil Richardson and his team.



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