A young girl came to us seeking removal of a large mole on her left cheek. Having moles on the face and the body is a very common occurrence, however it becomes a concern for the patient if it becomes too large or is located in a very prominent location.

Mole removal surgery in India
Mole-removal surgery performed at Richardson dental and craniofacial hospital Nagercoil Tamilnadu India

Even though she had been living with the mole on her cheek for years, she wanted it to be removed finally. Her routine blood investigations were done. The case was planned to be done under local anaesthesia with an estimated time of 45 minutes. The mole measured 1.7*2cm and hence could not have been closed primarily. A local flap called a rhomboid flap which basically borrows tissue(skin) from the adjacent normal skin to cover the defect created by the excision. Very fine sutures were used to effect the closure such that no scar would be formed.

The surgery was successfully done with the anesthetic result. The patient is very happy and would come on the 6th postoperative day for suture removal.

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