Surgery for mole removal in India

Mole Removal Surgery: Treatment Procedures and Healing

Mole refers to a kind of skin growth that appears in the form of small and colorful spots on the skin. Moles are common in the case of youngsters and can persist throughout the life of an individual. They might fade away for some time and might also become more prominent during pregnancy. In most cases, they are harmless until there is a change in size, form, or color. However, for several reasons, people opt for mole removal surgery to get rid of it.

There are two types of mole removal surgery:

Excision: It involves a scalpel blade to cut out the mole, which may or may not involve stitches.

Shave removal: It makes use of a smaller blade to shave off the mole and not require stitches.


Mole removal surgery in India
Mole-removal surgery performed at Richardson dental and craniofacial hospital

You can find some of the best mole removal hospitals in India which provide the finest and most affordable mole removal surgery costs in India while offering world-class medical facilities. When it comes to mole removal surgery in India, it is of utmost necessity that you visit the best mole removal hospital in India.

Mole removal surgery must be performing by experts and you must never try to remove the mole themselves. It is critical to see a doctor before removing a mole to ensure the mole isn’t melanoma. The moles should be removed by a cosmetic surgeon who is familiar with the various procedures. After diagnosing the nature of the mole, a decision must be made regarding whether brush removal or excision produces the desirable results. You must trust only the best mole removal surgeon in India who will be able to select the most appropriate treatment procedure for you.

Mole Removal Surgery Procedures


In the case of surgical excision, the surgeon cut the mole, which removes the entire thickness of the skin, following by stitching the region. This procedure surely leaves a scar, but it is usually an invisible line. The probability of the mole recurring is minimal under this procedure.

Shave excision:

It is one of the most common procedures dermatologists use to remove moles. The surgeon cut off the mole with a sharp scalpel blade. There is no need for stitches and it usually takes less than a minute. Above all, it is a comparatively painless procedure. Once the wound heals after the mole removal surgery, one must diligently follow the methods suggested by the surgeon to reduce scar and prevent further infection.

Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, under the supervision of Dr. Sunil Richardson, offers the best mole removal treatment in India. Dr. Sunil Richardson is a well-acclaimed facial plastic surgeon and a facial cosmetic surgeon in India. His expertise in the field of facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and reconstructive surgery and knowledge of the face would provide you with the much-deserved quality treatment.


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