Heartfelt Testimonial of a Patient

Hello sir, This is my heartfelt testimonial. It’s about a year since I have undergone surgery in your craniofacial surgery centre, but every day when I look at the mirror, I really really like the profile which you had given, not a single day passes without thinking of how thankful I’m to you !!! I never took or I’m never interested in taking pictures of myself for the past 19 years but after you did this great job! I’m really confident about confronting the world before, and I laugh more nowadays, I had been very conscious while laughing in the past! Because I never like people staring at me ,you really returned the happiness that I had longed for about having an pretty smile, but now you gave me a MILLION DOLLAR SMILE, I really like my happy face nowadays and you are a true inspiration!!! To me the word SURGEON defines You :3, love you for being the best doc and giving colours to my life, THANK YOU Dr.Sunil Richardson

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This is our only motive, to make sure when the patients leave our craniofacial surgery centre (Richardsons Dental And Craniofacial Hospital) they should leave with twofold of their happiness and confidence. This satisfies us more than anything else. Seeing this testimonial from one of our patients made us feel more worthwhile.

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