Heartfelt Testimonial of a Patient

A Heartfelt Testimonial of a Patient

Hello sir,

This is my heartfelt testimonial.

It’s been a year since I underwent surgery at your craniofacial surgery centre. But every day I look into the mirror, I feel pretty excited seeing the new look – the new profile you’ve given me and not a single day passes by, without thankful you from the bottom of my heart!

I have never snapped a picture of mine in the past 19 years as I felt low of my appearance. But now, I’m really confident about confronting the world before with a broad smile. In the past, I was very conscious while laughing as I would feel uncomfortable seeing people stare at me. You have gifted me with this pretty smile I have been longing for for years – it is a MILLION DOLLAR SMILE, and I really love my happy face, now! You are a true inspiration, doctor!!!

To me the word “CRANIOFACIAL SURGEON” defines “You” :3! Love you for being the best doc and adding colours to my life! THANK YOU Dr. Sunil Richardson!

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Yeah! Our only motive is to make sure that our patients leave our craniofacial surgery centre (Richardsons Dental And Craniofacial Hospital) with twofold of their happiness and confidence. This gives us the utmost satisfaction than anything else in the world. Seeing this testimony from one of our patients made us feel more than worthwhile.


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