Nose correction surgery in India

Use of graft materials in Rhinoplasty

A graft is any tissue that is taken from the same person or another person to use in another area of the body where it is required. Grafts can also be obtained from synthetic materials like silicone. Thus graft materials can be broadly classified on the basis of whether they are obtained from biological sources or non-biological sources. Synthetic grafts are associated with high risk of local infection and extrusion of the implant, compared to biological grafts. Biological grafts can be taken from various tissues like cartilage, soft tissue (fat and fibrous tissue), or sometimes bone. The various corrections that can be done by using graft materials in rhinoplasty are the correction of projection of the nose, rebuilding of the nasal septum, correction of saddle nose, improving the nasal tip support, and correction of the acute angle between the nose and upper lip. The various areas of body from which graft materials can be obtained for using in rhinoplasty are, nasal septum, ear and ribs (for cartilage), iliac crest (hip bone) and skull (cranium) for bone. The graft material is harvested in such a way that the patient won’t miss the structures that are

nose reconstruction surgery in india
Nose correction after grafting

being ‘borrowed’. Patient’s ear or chest will not look any different after his cartilage is removed. Cartilage grafts are used to either reinforce weak tissues or replace tissues that have been lost to trauma or removed during surgery. Sometimes grafts are also used to widen or support the nasal airway, and to improve breathing. All types of rhinoplasty surgeries for correction of nasal deformities are being done at Richardson’s dental & craniofacial hospital by Dr. Sunil Richardson & his team.


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