Anterior Maxillary Distraction or AMD

What is Anterior Maxillary Distraction or AMD?

Anterior Maxillary Distraction procedure is an absolute beauty of a technique wherein new bone is made to be deposited by the patient’s own body. It’s a type of distraction osteogenesis.

Why Anterior Maxillary Distraction procedure ?

Research has proven ( we have one of the, if not THE largest publications on the type of surgery in the entire world) that with this type of procedure, the patient’s speech improves and never ever worsens. Also, there is no relapse. Patient compliance is way better as there is no appliance on the head or outside, they could go to school or work. The length of hospital stay is lesser than other distraction procedures. The procedure can be done for younger individuals as early as 11 years.

If so many advantages, why is not popular?

Cause this is a relatively newer technique.

Needs teamwork as the distractor is custom made.

Steeper learning curve surgically as some blind osteotomies need to be done.

But then… who says it’s not popular??!!

At Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, more than 500 such surgeries have been performed in the last twelve years alone, again of the largest in the world.

Dr. Sunil Richardson has been invited by many countries to demonstrate this procedure, Spain and Bulgaria to name a couple.

One of his lectures for the grand rounds at Stanford University, California, USA and Yale University, USA was also in Anterior Maxillary Distraction.

So who needs this anyways…

anterior maxillary distraction treatment in India

Any patient who has an underbite could benefit from this procedure.

All patients with cleft lip and cleft palate with slight or severe less growth on the upper jaw will also benefit from the same.  



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