Dermabrasion scar removal

What is Dermabrasion Scar Removal & How Does It Help

Dermabrasion is a surgical skin planning procedure performed to remove acne scars, age-related spots and wrinkles, and surgery scars, and scars left by chickenpox. The procedure also helps treat skin discoloration, blemishes, and patients looking for smoother skin. Read on to learn more about dermabrasion scar removal, including treatment cost and recovery time.

What Is Dermabrasion Scar Removal?

As explained earlier, dermabrasion scar removal is a skin-resurfacing procedure that helps refinish the skin’s top layer through controlled scraping. The treatment helps soften the sharp edges on the skin’s surface, thereby smoothening any irregularities. Besides improving facial skin scarred by accidents or surgery, it also removes pre-cancerous growths. It is either performed as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other treatments like facelifts, scar removal, chemical peel, etc.

How Much Does Dermabrasion Scar Treatment Cost In India?

The average cost of dermabrasion scar treatment ranges anywhere from INR 50,000 to INR 80,000. But the actual cost varies depending on the location of the hospital, the complexity of the problem, the type of dermabrasion procedure performed, the time and effort for the procedure, and the experience of the facial scar removal surgeon in India. And the cost does not include facilities for the operating room, anesthesia, etc. We suggest you call us at the Richardsons Hospital for a rough estimate of the final costs.

Risks Associated With Dermabrasion Scar Removal

Dermabrasion scar removal is typically safe when performed by a qualified surgeon. Some of the common risks associated with the treatment include skin pigmentation, permanent darkening of the skin, blotchy skin, etc. Some patients develop whiteheads after surgery which usually disappear on their own or may have to be removed by the surgeon. Sometimes, the pores enlarge but shrink over time after the swelling subsides.

What Happens Before Dermabrasion Scar Removal?

Dermabrasion scar removal before and after appearance can be quite drastic. During the initial consultation, Dr. Sunil Richardson will conduct a routine examination and take photographs of the face. He will then explain the process in detail, along with the risks associated, and brief you about the recovery process. Dermabrasion scar removal is performed under local anesthesia but takes only a few minutes to an hour, depending on the area of the skin. The surgeon uses a dermatome, a handheld device that moves back and forth to skim the surface of the skin that surrounds the facial defects. The skimming continues until the lowest point of the scar becomes even with the surrounding skin.

After the surgery, your skin appears red and swollen. You’ll also feel some tingling or burning in the treated area. This can be controlled with medications or ointments. The swelling also subsides in a few weeks. To put things into perspective, remember what happened when you fell and scraped your knee as a kid? The scab that formed over the area will fall off eventually but leave a layer of pink skin that’s formed underneath. This is exactly what happens after dermabrasion scar removal. The pink skin fades in about three months, but you’ll have to wear non-allergenic makeup in the meantime.

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