What is the secret behind normal speech after cleft palate repair

What is the secret behind normal speech after cleft palate repair?

What is the secret behind normal speech after cleft palate repair surgery? This is a question that many educated patients keep asking. In this medical blog, I would want to make this aspect clear to any non-medical person.

CLeft palate:

Cleft palate is a congenital or birth defect that roughly affects 1 in 800 individuals. One of the requisites for handling children with such craniofacial defects is the presence of a competent craniofacial team.

Cleft Lip and Palate Repair
A cleft child- before and after surgery at Richardsons dental and craniofacial Hospital India

As a parent or a patient seeking treatment for the cleft palate – look for the following :

  • Is there a craniofacial team available at the hospital?

This is very essential and has been shown repeatedly that a good team produces good results. However surgeon standalone centers are not the best way to handle such craniofacial issues.

  • Is the hospital recognized by the Government, Noteworthy university or Large credible NGO’s?

Do check if the hospital where the surgeon provides the surgery is recognized to perform such procedures. This would give you an idea about the credibility of the surgeon and the institution.


This even though is the most important factor, is talked about the least. You could assess a surgeons capability by the quality and quantity of work already done, i.e., experience. The surgeon’s training background will also give some hints. A skillful dedicated surgeon is like a gifted and talented painter and therefore this factor would be the most important point you should look for.


It also has been quite conclusively proven that the cleft palate repair should be done around 9-10 months of age for better results. Because, this is the time right before the child starts to babble.


Some techniques are better in providing better speech and fewer issues for the kids with cleft palate is the secret. For example, radical muscle repair is a good technique.


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