Rhinoplasty is any surgery or any plastic procedure or any re-shaping procedure that is performed on the nose. The nose is a very vital part of our facial features. It has both aesthetic and functional uses. The nose has to be in perfect proportion and shape for one to look “beautiful”.

How Do I Choose a Surgeon For RHINOPLASTY?

Rhinoplasty is not just Anatomy and Science but a lot of art involved as it depends on how correctly or suitably the nose is molded or shaped for a face. One of the first few things to know about Rhinoplasty is the amount of experience the Surgeon has. It’s absolutely essential to know the experience of the surgeon not by his age but by the surgeries performed as the rhinoplasty is the complicated work of finesse and precision. Rhinoplasty is the surgery of millimeters, every millimeter counts. Looking into the surgeon’s background, other patients’ results and some predictable tracing can help you choose the surgeon.

nose surgery in India
Nose surgery or rhinoplasty done for a patient at rhchardson dental and craniofacial hospital Nagercoil

How long is the hospital stay after Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Patients can leave the next day as it’s a daycare procedure for hump reduction, Alar flare correction which probably takes a few hours or so. The other type is Reconstructive Rhinoplasty with Rib Harvesting or other sources of allograft materials for which the patient might have to stay for 5 to 6 days. This is because for these patients we contour, modify, augment or decrease the bone, the cartilage, and the soft tissue. When so much of the procedure is done, the hospital stay increases.

At what age can Rhinoplasty be done?

After the end of growth for girls at 15 and boys at 17, Complete Rhinoplasty can be done.

How much does it cost me for a Rhinoplasty Surgery?

The cost depends on the complexity of the surgery from a few 1000 Rupees to a few 1000 Dollars as it includes time taken, expertise involved, hospital stay, medicines, etc.


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