Mandibular Fractures Treatment in India

When and why is mandibular osteotomy surgery recommended in India?

Mandibular osteotomy or lower jaw surgery is carried out to fine-tune the balance between the upper and lower jaw so that bones and teeth work in perfect harmony. The entire surgery is carried out through a small incision made at the rear end of the mouth through the gum to gain access to the jaw. This is to ensure that there are minimum scars on the face. Once the surgeon is able to access the lower jaw it is then reshaped and moved into a new position. These details are predetermined and planned before the surgery to ensure that alignment is perfect with minimum discomfort to the patient during the recovery process. 

Distraction Oestogenisis surgery in India
1,2, Mandibular Distractor & X-ray image | 3. Mandibular Asymmetry Correction | 4. Maxillary Retrusion Correction using External Device | 5. Maxillary retrusion correction using Internal Device

Mandibular osteotomy procedure in India is recommended under the following circumstances 

  1. Improper bite – when an individual is unable to bite food properly due to misaligned teeth layout and structure
  2. Improper jawline – When an individual has a protruding lower jaw the condition is called mandibular hyperplasia while an underdeveloped lower jaw is called maxillary hypoplasia. People also have problems with an asymmetrical jawline that can impede the growth of the jaw on one side or lead to excess growth on the other side
  3. A facial injury that could be due to sports, accident, or other traumatic events
  4. The temporomandibular joint problem leads to severe pain in the jaw whenever the mouth is opened wide
  5. Tumors in the jaw or cysts that could develop due to tobacco or alcohol consumption

How to select hospitals for Mandibular osteotomy procedure in India

Most of the top multi-specialty hospitals in India have all the necessary pre-and post-operative facilities for carrying out mandibular osteotomy. Besides sharing all details of the surgery procedures by consultant surgeons who would be carrying out the operation patients are also cautioned about possible outcomes and risks so they are mentally prepared. India has some of the world’s best doctors and medical facilities that are encouraging patients from both developed and not so developed nations to flock here for quality medical attention at a reasonable price. 

temporomandibular joint surgery in india

If you are planning to have a mandibular osteotomy procedure in India then carry out a detailed research about hospitals and doctors that are doing it in various cities. While hospital websites provide details about the surgeons’ expertise, years of experience, and sometimes testimonials about happy patients, you can also check with friends or relatives if anyone can recommend a good surgeon in India who can be consulted for initial examination. 

Jaw Surgery Cost in India

The average mandibular osteotomy cost in India depends on factors like procedure complexity, and hospital facilities followed by the experience and reputation of the surgeon.  While the cost of mandibular osteotomy procedure in India in smaller cities may cost lesser it may cost several thousands more in metro cities. So mandibular osteotomy price in India also differs according to location but in this procedure where post-operative care is just as important as the surgery, these issues do matter. Thoroughly check the surgeon’s expertise and success record during the consultation and if not satisfied do take a second opinion as the end result is more important than the cost.


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