Why Richardsons for cleft lip and palate

Why Richardsons for cleft lip and palate?

In India occurrence of cleft lip and palate appears to be 1 in 800. Cleft palate is more common among female than male children. While the occurrence of both cleft lip and palate is more among male than female children can be cure by cleft lip and palate surgery.

A cleft lip is the result of a failure in the fusion of the medial nasal process with the maxillary process to form premaxilla.

Cleft palate is a failure in the fusion of lateral palatine shelves with each other and with nasal septum or premaxilla.

A cleft lip can be unilateral or bilateral.

A cleft palate can be complete involving both hard and soft palate, incomplete involving either hard or soft palate.

Cleft lip or cleft palate can occur as a separate anomaly or in combination.

Difficulties of baby with cleft lip and palate:

Feeding is affected primarily as sucking action by the tongue against palate is affected. With cleft lip, proper sealing while feeding becomes difficult resulting in dripping or drooling and burping. Oronasal regurgitation. Psychological burden from the society in growing children with cleft lip and palate.

Dental defects:

Cleft alveolus, congenital absence of teeth usually upper lateral incisors. Possibly impacted canines, Malaligned or congenitally malformed laterals usually peg-shaped. Orthodontics and other dental treatments can be approached to correct them on later dates.

Why Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital?

A couple approached us with their 3-month-old cleft lip and palate baby. They were explained about the procedure and its benefits by Dr. Sunil Richardson. Cheiloplasty was performed which was successful. Parents were happy with the result and they reported back to us when the baby was 10 months old for palatoplasty. They were advised to undergo speech therapy after a year.

cleft lip and palate surgery Benefits at Richardsons:

Proper and timed schedule on required treatment is suggested to provide complete results. We take maximum care to avoid or minimize scarring after cleft lip and palate surgery. Our primary aim is to guarantee aesthetically pleasing appearance camouflage their defects to the maximum.


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