Distraction Osteogenesis Treatment in India

3 Things You Must Know About Distraction Osteogenesis Surgery in India

There can be multiple reasons for facial disharmony: a birth scar or injury, or botched surgery. And sometimes, it could be an indicator of a more severe condition like Bell’s Palsy. Irrespective of the reasons, there’s no doubt that it could seriously affect self-esteem and confidence. Besides, it affects functional disharmony, wherein you cannot chew, speak, or breathe properly. Fortunately, there are treatment options to treat facial asymmetry. If you are looking for surgeons specializing in distraction osteogenesis surgery in India, visit us:

What Is Distraction Osteogenesis Surgical Procedure?

Distraction osteogenesis surgery is like any other traditional procedure wherein the surgeon cuts the bone – hence the name osteotomy, which means cutting a bone.

Distraction osteogenesis surgery has brought a revolution in the medical industry. It is now considered one of the safest ways to treat selected deformities of the oral and facial skeleton. The surgeon makes a cut in a bone to attach a device called a distractor to the cut bone. There are two types of distractors, viz. intraoral and extraoral, i.e., they can be placed under the skin or attached to bones on the outside of the skin. The distractor type used depends on the patient’s needs and the bones that need to grow. The devices are FDA approved, hypoallergenic, made using titanium, and safe to use.

Distraction Osteogenesis Treatment in Nagercoil

What Is the Role of Distraction Osteogenesis in Maxillofacial Surgery?

Distraction Osteogenesis Surgery is a tissue engineering method conducted to regenerate new bones. The procedure is a promising alternative to traditional surgeries as it involves blending conventional surgical techniques for bone lengthening with modern devices like distractors to ensure better results.

By merging the DO technique with craniofacial surgeries, you get craniofacial distraction osteogenesis – a procedure that helps elongate the bones of the mandible, cranial fault, and midface. A variety of conditions can be treated using this technique, including mandibular hypoplasia, midface hypoplasia, and craniosynostosis.

This integration technique uses the body’s fundamental healing properties, allowing superior structural expansion and bone lengthening to restore and enhance important functional and visual discrepancies associated with these deformities.

How Much Does Distraction Osteogenesis Surgery Cost in India?

Distraction osteogenesis surgery in India depends on whether the surgery is carried out independently or with other surgeries. The patient’s health condition, the severity of the case, medical equipment required, and other factors also help decide the cost.

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