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4 Things You Must Know About Retrognathia Surgery in India

Retrognathia refers to an unusual position of the mandible – a condition where the patient is deficient in the AP plane of growth. When viewed from the side, the mandible is posterior to and behind where it should be, making it look like the person has a severe overbite. Often, this can only be viewed from a side or a certain angle.

It’s essential to get a diagnosis for retrognathia to rule out all possibilities of associated syndromes with far-reaching health concerns and accurately refer the patient further for orthodontic evaluation where it will be decided whether they require surgical correction.

What Are the Problems Associated with Retrognathia?

Retrognathia can lead to several concerns, but not all require surgical interference. It can be a difficult condition for some, affecting sleep, diet, or breathing. It also inevitably affects self-confidence since it isn’t visually retrognathic maxilla surgery india

How is Retrognathia Maxilla Surgical Treatment in India?

Different patients require different treatments depending on the severity of the case. In mild cases, treatment is not needed. It usually includes braces and hardware, orthodontic appliances, or in severe cases- surgery.

Different doctors will likely treat Retrognathic patients at various stages of their development, wherein they may need dental orthopedic and orthodontic treatments.

A retrognathic patient requiring airway management, i.e., a potentially tricky airway affecting the modality of the airway, will more likely need distraction osteogenesis surgery that will help grow more bone in the lower jaw and enhance the airway obstruction.

Similarly, adults and children alike can benefit from surgery, like MMA, which can help treat their sleep apnea and improve their appearance with the help of orthodontic appliances to lengthen the lower jaw.

How Much Does Retrognathia Surgery Cost in India?

Every retrognathia case is unique, and hence only the medical professional can provide you with the best diagnosis and treatment. The cost could be extremely low in most cases if no significant intervention is done. Still, the cost can go high depending on the complications and the treatment administered in case of surgeries.

Which is the Best Hospital for Retrognathia Surgery in India?

A highly accredited oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Sunil Richardson is the best and the only hospital for retrognathia surgery in India. He has performed over 18000 surgeries; he and his team of medical professionals are sure to treat you and give you hope for a better life.



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