Different types of facial plastic surgery

A Guide to Different Types of Facial Plastic Surgery in India

Plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and facial plastic surgery are all terms often used interchangeably to describe various procedures aimed at enhancing or altering the appearance of the face. While these terms may seem similar, they have distinct differences and applications. In this blog, we will explore the different types of plastic surgery for the face, including plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and facial plastic surgery, specifically in India.

What Is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is a broad field that encompasses both reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. Reconstructive plastic surgery focuses on repairing defects caused by trauma, congenital disabilities, or medical conditions, aiming to restore function and improve appearance. In India, plastic surgeons perform facial reconstructive procedures, such as cleft lip and palate repair, craniofacial reconstruction, and scar revision surgeries. These procedures help patients regain confidence and improve their quality of life.

What Is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, is a subset of plastic surgery that primarily focuses on enhancing one’s appearance. Unlike reconstructive surgery, cosmetic procedures are elective and aim to improve aesthetic features that the patient may be dissatisfied with. India has witnessed a significant demand for cosmetic surgery in recent years, with various procedures available to address different facial concerns. Common cosmetic surgeries for the face in India include rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), and otoplasty (ear reshaping). These procedures can help individuals achieve their desired facial aesthetic, boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.

What Is Facial Plastic Surgery?

Facial plastic surgery is a specialized field that focuses exclusively on the face and neck. It combines plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery elements to address various facial concerns. In India, facial plastic surgeons are highly skilled in performing facelifts, brow lifts, chin augmentation, and neck lifts. These procedures are designed to combat signs of aging, improve facial proportions, and enhance overall facial harmony. Facial plastic surgery techniques have evolved significantly, with minimally invasive procedures and advanced technologies now offering more precise and natural-looking results.

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Choosing A Facial Plastic Surgeon In India

Choosing a qualified and experienced surgeon is crucial when considering any facial surgery in India. We suggest you look for board-certified surgeons with rigorous training and the necessary expertise. Visit us if you’re looking for a reputable facial plastic surgery hospital in India. Dr. Sunil Richardson is a renowned facial plastic surgeon in India with over two decades of experience in plastic surgery.


Plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and facial plastic surgery are distinct yet interrelated fields that offer various options for enhancing the appearance of the face. In India, these procedures have gained immense popularity, allowing individuals to address aesthetic concerns and achieve their desired facial aesthetic.


Whether it is reconstructive surgery to correct defects, cosmetic surgery to enhance features, or facial plastic surgery to combat signs of aging, the diverse range of procedures available in India ensures that individuals can make informed choices to achieve their desired results with the help of qualified and skilled surgeons.



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