Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Surgery in India

The Best Cosmetic Surgery Hospital Offering Qualitative Medical Care

An important component of Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery aims to improve a person’s appearance. There are many reasons why people choose to go under the knife. It could be to enhance their features, to get preferable shapes of their body parts like nose, eyes, or chin, and to hide the signs of aging among other reasons. The results are often long-lasting so selecting the right cosmetic surgery hospital is of paramount importance.

These surgeries should not be taken lightly as they can completely alter your appearance and could sometimes do more harm than good. There should be a right motivation behind the decision to get surgery done.

How to choose the best Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Hospital in India?

Going under a knife is a life-altering experience and many surgeries cannot be reversed if something goes wrong. So, besides being completely sure about the decision, there are other factors that could increase the chances of a successful surgery.

While deciding on which hospital to choose from, looking up all the information on the practitioner is equally important. You will be in the hands of the surgeon, so it only makes sense to choose only the best and most efficient surgeon who is both well-read and has an experience that speaks well of him.

Apart from the surgeon’s qualification, the hospital staff should also be investigated. Post-surgery, the hospital staff will be taking care of you, and many times things have taken a different turn because post-surgical care was not carried out efficiently. So, the nurses and other medical staff should be well trained too to deal with any issue arising during or post-surgery.

Which is the best Cosmetic Surgery Hospital in India?

Richardson’s Dental and Craniofacial Hospital in the South of India is known to be the best Cosmetic Surgery Hospital in India. The hospital is headed and managed by the most efficient surgeon, Dr. Richardson. The hospital is well equipped with ultra-modern and new-fangled facilities providing qualitative and affordable surgical care to all patients that comes with a hope of a life-changing experience.


Cosmetic Nasal Surgery treatment

What are the pros of getting Cosmetic Surgery in India?

There are numerous benefits of getting Cosmetic Surgery besides the obvious ones.

  • There is a significant boost in confidence and the patients feel good about themselves because the things that they were once insecure about are no more.
  • If the surgery is carried out for health reasons like being unable to breathe or eat properly, then there is a certain improvement in that aspect as well.
  • Physical appearance is the first thing someone notices about you and is without a doubt what attracts attention. Enhancing your physical appearance certainly opens doors to more opportunities both personal and professional. That is not to say that looking good is all that matters, but it is what people see and notice the first time they meet you.
  • There is also a rise in people’s self-esteem as they would not have to feel embarrassed among their peers anymore and can present themselves as strong and confident individuals. Many people shy away from opportunities because they do not want to be in the limelight due to their disabilities, but getting surgery brings back that natural outlook towards life and gives people a second chance at happiness.

What are the cons of getting Cosmetic Surgery in India?

Besides plastic surgeries being expensive, it also comes with its own set of risks and complications just like every other surgery.

  • One needs to be psychologically prepared before going under the knife in case the results do not turn out as expected. Despite seeing great success in this field, there is never a 100% guarantee that you will get desired results. Many things could go wrong during or post-surgery. The only thing that can be done is to extensively research for the most efficient doctor who can increase your chances at a successful surgery.
  • In some cases, surgical scars may remain forever, or there could be muscle or tissue damage, or the implant might be rejected in which case, you would need to go through another surgery.
  • Sometimes, there is a very possible risk of infection which decreases the effectiveness of the whole ordeal.
  • One of the most common concerns seen in people and even celebrities is the development of psychological issues. It is mainly caused because the patient is not able to accept their ‘new’ self or does not like their new appearance or maybe disappointed because of the unrealistic expectations causing them to go under depression or have anxiety.


At the end of the day, surgeons are humans too and can make mistakes during the surgery resulting in distressing outcomes. There is also this factor involved that recoveries take a long time depending on the person and the type of surgery, and this might impact their daily routine or life where they cannot afford to lose so much time recovering.

The most important pro or con, depending on which way you look at it, is the fact that getting plastic surgery is a one-time thing meaning the results will be permanent and you will not go back to your natural-looking state after a couple of years.

So, before thinking of going for plastic surgery, all the pros and cons need to be considered and proper research of the best hospital and the best doctor should be carried out. Once you are physically, mentally, financially, and psychologically ready, you are all set to change your life for the better.


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