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A Transformative Journey of Facial Makeover at Richardson’s Hospital

In the realm of facial esthetics and transformative surgeries, the story of 43-year-old female patient Pranita stands out as a testament to the power of modern surgical advancements. She came from the United States of America for a life-changing journey to Richardson’s Hospital in India, driven by multiple facial concerns she had and a strong desire for a facial makeover surgery.

Initial Concerns | Multiple Facial Esthetic Challenges

She presented to our hospital with complex multiple facial esthetic concerns, including a Broad face, short face, short backwardly positioned/retruded chin, periorbital hollowness, broad nose, reduced/short lower third facial height, and the presence of multiple facial moles. Despite having previously undergone bilateral alarplasty for broad Nose Correction and buccal fat pad removal for slimming face elsewhere in the United States, her quest for the perfect facial transformation led her to the renowned Dr. Sunil Richardson’s Craniofacial hospital. Having heard about Dr. Richardson’s success in performing intricate facial makeover surgeries, Pranita decided to travel to India to seek a comprehensive and successful facial transformation.

Preoperative Evaluation and Planning

Upon her arrival, Dr. Sunil Richardson meticulously evaluated Pranita’s condition. Recognizing the need for a multifaceted approach, he devised a comprehensive plan that involved Bijaw Orthognathic (Maxilla/Upper jaw and mandibular/lower jaw ) surgery with Genioplasty/ chin surgery for giving her sharp chin and jawline and addressing her periorbital hollowness concern, Rhinoplasty for broad nose correction and mole removal. This intricate plan aimed not only to address her existing concerns but also to harmonize her facial features for a balanced and aesthetically pleasing result making her face look more feminine.

Technological Precision | Using Digital Impressions and 3D-Printed Splints

With the precision of a skilled team, digital dental impressions were taken, specialized CT scans were performed, and software-based digital planning was executed to visualize the planned jaw movements. This ensured a detailed understanding of the surgical requirements and facilitated the creation of digital 3D splints, instrumental in guiding the surgical jaw movements.3D printed splints

Jaw Slimming and Harmony Achieved with The Surgery

The surgery involved the advancement of both the Maxilla and Mandible, addressing her broad face and enhancing her lower third facial height. Genioplasty was pivotal in refining her jawline and achieving the desired facial harmony. Additionally, cheek contouring added the finishing touches, bringing forth a rejuvenated and balanced facial appearance. Rhinoplasty was done for the broad nose correction which gave her a sharp pointed esthetically pleasing nose with proper nasal tip support and improved her nose function and breathing.

Pranita’s case is a shining example that facial makeover surgery, including jaw slimming and the creation of facial harmony, is not just a possibility but a reality. Dr. Richardson’s skillful execution of the surgical plan resulted in outstanding outcomes, proving that with the right expertise and technology, seemingly intricate transformations can be easily achieved.

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Results and Satisfaction | A New Life with a New Look

This surgery addressed her initial concerns and granted her a new lease on life, making her look younger with a revitalized and more feminine facial appearance. Her post-operative healing period proceeded smoothly and recovery was remarkable. She expressed her utmost satisfaction with the entire experience and her new facial look. This story is an inspiring hope and trust for all those seeking similar transformations around the globe.

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face makeover result

face makeover results


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