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All That You Must Know About Capillary Hemangioma Treatment in India

Hemangiomas are benign tumors that develop due to an unnatural accumulation of blood vessels. They are commonly called strawberry birthmarks and appear as a red, raised lump on your child’s skin. While these birthmarks are generally safe, you might want to reduce their size or stop their growth if they look unsightly or could cause problems. Read on to learn more about capillary hemangioma treatment in India:

What is Capillary Hemangioma Treatment?

A capillary hemangioma is found anywhere on the body, but mainly on the face, scalp, back, or chest. They hardly ever grow in your internal organs.

Premature babies, especially girls, are more likely to have hemangiomas. It is also common in Caucasian children.

Capillary Hemangioma Types

A capillary hemangioma can be classified into:

Superficial Hemangioma

They are located on the skin’s surface and start flat before turning bright red with an uneven raised surface.

Deep Hemangioma

They are located beneath the skin, have a smooth surface, and look like a bluish-purple bulge.

Mixed Hemangioma

Both superficial and deep components are present in these hemangiomas.

Capillary Hemangioma Causes

There could be multiple reasons for capillary hemangiomas developing in the skin and organs. It is usually difficult to determine the problem’s root cause. However, sometimes, it could be due to a developmental defect in the infant’s vascular system. Some hemangiomas are formed after an accident, although we don’t know precisely how injuries cause hemangiomas. Some hemangiomas, such as cavernous hemangiomas in von Hippel-Lindau disease, may develop due to genetic disorders.

But we know that food, chemicals, medications, and pregnancy-related activities do not cause capillary hemangioma.

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Capillary Hemangioma Treatment Options

Most capillary hemangiomas go away on their own and do not need medical attention. Doctors recommend treatment based on the hemangioma’s location and potential side effects. Some common capillary hemangioma treatment options include:


Topical beta-blockers like timolol are recommended if the hemangioma is small and superficial. A propranolol oral solution helps treat infantile hemangioma.

Oral Corticosteroids

These are prescribed if beta blockers fail to work as expected.

Capillary Hemangioma Symptoms

Hemangiomas appear anywhere on the body as flat, red spots. They are typically painless until the skin over the tumor is broken. To the touch, they feel rubbery and soft. Deep hemangiomas developed in the muscles or bones may result in swelling and pain that worsens with activity.

One of the most prevalent benign orbital tumors in children, capillary hemangioma affects up to 5% of infants under one year. Visit the Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital to learn more about capillary hemangioma treatment costs in India, and schedule an initial consultation.



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