Face Fat Grafting

All That You Wanted to Know About Face Fat Grafting in India

Face fat grafting is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that involves transferring fat from one part of the body to the face to reduce wrinkles and improve facial contour. The procedure commonly treats facial atrophy and reduces scars caused by chickenpox, smallpox, congenital disability, or accidents. It is also called fat transfer, micro-lipo injection, fat injection, and facial fat rejuvenation. To learn more about face fat grafting in India, read on:

What Is Face Fat Grafting?

As earlier said, the procedure involves collecting fat from the buttocks, abdomen, breasts, etc., and carefully injecting it with specially designed needles into the areas needing augmentation. Before injecting fat into the targeted area, it is thoroughly cleaned so that only undamaged fat cells are used.

The process is slightly longer than dermal filler injections. You may need additional sessions for better results because some of the grafted fat may not survive the transfer, and additional fat may have to be injected to complete the treatment.


Here’s How Face Fat Grafting Is Done in India:

  • In the first step, the fat is collected from the donor area, typically with excess fat tissue, i.e., thighs, buttocks, around the belly, etc.
  • In the second step, the collected fat is processed to remove impurities, if any.
  • The final step involves injecting the fat by layering them into the target areas for a smooth and even result. Over time, these living fat cells integrate with the adipose tissue and become a part of your facial anatomy.

Recovery takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the nature of the procedure and the area being treated. The donor area may remain bruised for around 21 days, while there’s likely to be swelling on the face for a few days. Your physician may prescribe medications for pain and swelling.

Does Facial Fat Grafting Work?

If you’re looking for a natural and long-lasting result to fix lost volume or reduce age-related wrinkling, the face fat grafting procedure in India makes sense. When collagen production slows down, existing collagen breaks down. As a result, the skin begins to appear loose and hollow, and lines go from the corners of the nose to the sides of the mouth. Fat transfer offers a safe and long-lasting solution. While the face fat grafting procedure in India is largely successful, sometimes the transferred fat does not survive.

How Long Is Recovery from Face Fat Grafting?

Most people see an improvement almost immediately in their appearance after the fat transfer. Successfully transferred cells add volume to hollow areas instantly. While there will be swelling for three to four days, the bruise on the donor site will remain for 10 to 21 days. But it could take up to 3 months before you can enjoy the final results.

Is Facial Fat Grafting Permanent?

The effects become more visible over time, and natural collagen production increases. Although nothing can completely reverse the aging process, fat grafting can offer a more youthful appearance. Facial fat grafting is a form of permanent filler. However, the retention of the injected fat is approximately 60%.

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