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Trauma of any kind makes an impact on you, especially a physical trauma that not only affects you emotionally but also leaves a scar behind. Facial trauma could be anything from scars to burns and from lacerations to any kind of facial bone fracture. These types of traumas can lead to permanent disfigurement if not treated quickly, so facial trauma reconstruction surgery is carried out to treat the asymmetry on the face.

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Is Facial Reconstruction Same as Plastic Surgery?

Reconstructive surgery falls within Plastic Surgery but is not exactly the same as Plastic Surgery. Reconstructive surgery is focused on reconstructing or treating the part of the body that has been a victim of trauma.

Simultaneously, reconstructive surgery is also carried out to help body enhancement to correct or improve the patient’s basic body functions or overall health.

Plastic surgery on the other hand also includes cosmetic surgery which is the opposite of reconstructive surgery as it is done for aesthetic purposes than it being a necessity.

How Many Types of Facial Reconstruction Surgeries Are Available?

With the world advancing medically, there is almost everything out there that can be treated. Different facial reconstruction surgeries including, but not limited to, are Cleft lip and palate repair, facial trauma reconstruction surgery, nose & nasal reconstruction surgery, ear reconstruction, scar treatment, and facial reanimation.

How Is Facial Trauma Reconstruction Surgery Done in India?

The type and technique of surgery depend on the complexity of the case. In India, facial trauma reconstruction treatment usually uses techniques that range from primary closure or dressing of the wounds to reducing the swelling followed by skin grafts.

Facial trauma reconstruction treatment also includes fixing the unhealed facial bones back into their place using screws and metal plates.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Facial Reconstruction Surgery?

Every patient’s timeline of recovery is different, and if there had been no major complications, a couple of days in the Intensive Care Unit followed by a week’s rest in the hospital and home care for 6 weeks or more will do it; but in cases where the surgery had been quite complex, the patient would need to spend more than a week in the hospital or until their surgeon says so. It will also take them a couple of months to completely heal and be able to use their face the same as before.

How Much Does Facial Reconstructive Surgery Cost?

India being a medical hub for tourists, you’ll be surprised to know that despite the severity of the situation and the complexity of the surgery, many facial reconstructive surgeries start anywhere from INR 20,000 (If it is something minor) and can go up to INR 3,00,000 and more as per the case.

Going for such a serious surgery calls for a skilled surgeon like Dr. Sunil Richardson of Richardsons Dental & Craniofacial Hospital. He and his band of proficient surgeons have left a long line of happy patients who have been given new hope in life because of him. It is the best facial trauma reconstruction hospital in India and the only one you need to go to for any of your surgical needs.


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